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Office Integration Software for
Crystal Reports™* (CR)

Purpose: To facilitate secure, widespread use of CR reports within the office environment
Features: Ease of use without prior CR experience
  Flexible control of report access
  Leverage existing CR report development skills
  Minimize report content errors.
The CR report designer is able to specify how each report is run. Its groups, selection criteria etc. etc.
  Provide enhanced reporting abilities
More Info:

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* Seagate Crystal Reports™ is a registered trademark of Seagate Software, Inc.

Eliminate guesswork!
Print user's selections
Report designers control how each report is run.

Control report access!
Group based access control
You decide 'who runs what'
Make reports 'ViewOnly', 'PrintOnly' etc.

ALL users can safely...
¤ Set date ranges
¤ Change groups, sort orders
¤ Set record and group selections
¤ Sort groups / set TopN etc. etc.

All gain - no loss!
¤ CR reports run fine 'as is' - Great!
¤ Still develop in CR - No re-training!