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How To Register

  It's easy!  BUT run through this checklist first
    Read Session Limits etc. and evaluate your session limit requirements
    Check out Registration Process for an overview
    See Current Prices for pricing
    Decide on the way that you will register.
See Ways to Register

  Done that - lets go!
    Great! - you're around 10 mins* away from receiving your registration code email advice!
* if you're using a credit card and your mail is working ok etc.

  Click for Online Registration

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Important Info
What's Involved?
See Registration Process for a detailed description of the registration process.
Session Limits
Its important that you know your likely session requirements.
Start at Session Limits
Current Prices
Prices in the distributed Help File may be out of date.
Check here for Current Prices.
Security Concerns?
The safest way is use the secure online process. If you have concerns (or don't want to use a credit card) see Ways to Register for alternatives