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rptMart Delivers
Mission Critical Reporting

   User access controls
   Reporting accountability
   Runtime controls - minimal data errors
   Increased report development efficiency
   Reduced report maintenance costs
   Easy-to-use interface - lower training costs

  For details check these topics

Management Viewpoint

Report Writer Viewpoint

Report Running Viewpoint

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rptMart and Crystal Reports
CR is a great reporting tool
rptMart makes it better!
CR Modifications
Your CR setup is not changed.
No changes are made.
Report Development
rptMart cannot make reports.
All reports are developed in CR.
There's no need to re-train staff.
Running Reports
rptMart lets you run your CR reports in a controlled environment.
The report designer makes the report and specifies how it is run.
See the links on this page for full details.
Trademarks etc.
Seagate Crystal Reports™ is a registered trademark of Seagate Software, Inc.
rptMart and its owners are not associated with Seagate Crystal Reports™ or Seagate Software, Inc.