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Liberate Your CR Reporting World!
rptMart Delivers Flexibility, Productivity

   Mimimal learning curve - you're still using CR
  Your CR skills won't be wasted - just enhanced
Reports continue to be made in CR and your CR system is completely unchanged.
  No 'dead-end' languages to learn
Your CR reports will run in rptMart without any changes.
To unleash the full power of the rptMart system you will need to add one formula to your report. rptMart uses the information in the formula to setup the report's runtime user interface to your requirements.
  Reports that run in rptMart continue to run in CR
rptMart does not change your .rpt files.
  Not a UFL library
rptMart is a full program - not just an addon.
   If you don't allow it, the user can't do it
  All users are not created equal - some users and reports just don't mix
We all know the problems of getting inexperienced users to change groupings/alter record selections etc.
With them your prize report becomes a management headache.
rptMart puts both report design and running under your control - you make it AND control how its run!
  Your users will be able to do the following safely
All of these operations are simple list selections from one dialog.
 Change report groupings
 Change Group and Detail sorting
 Change Record Selection criteria
 Change graphs
 Select hieracial criteria from lists/trees based on other files
 Hide/Show report areas
  What do the figures mean??? - over 40 runtime variables will tell you
Need the following for use in your reports? Just put them in any formula!
 The dates that the user selected
 The actual Record Selection code
 The user's name
 The name/date etc. of the .rpt file
 The name(s) of the group(s) the user selected
 TopN/BotN group sorting information, etc. etc. etc.
   Other benefits - you'll find more
  Reduced report maintenance
One report can be setup to run in many different ways within rptMart. There's no need to make copies of the .rpt file just to do another grouping etc.
Thus when some 'small change' needs to be made only the one file will need to be altered.
  User Queries Slashed
Even relatively inexperienced users can produce flexible reports without a multitude of 'how-to' and 'why-did-that-happen' questions.

   See these topics for other aspects

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