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Shop Floor Freedom - Run Your Own Reports!
rptMart Delivers Flexibile, Friendly Reporting

   Simple, comprehensive report interface
  No confusing menu mazes to negotiate
Just one dialog is all that's needed to run reports (including setting run values).
  Users only see the reports that they can run
rptMart's report access controls work transparently in the background.
  Users select items from descriptive lists
Virtually all items in rptMart can be assigned descriptive names.
So whether a user is selecting a report to run or changing the report's grouping etc. etc. they can do it by selecting a descriptive item from a list.
  One hour to productivity (from standing start)
It's that easy! Most users are productive within 15 minutes.
   Office Efficiency
  No need for senior staff to be running reports
Frees up specialist resources for more important tasks.
  Minimal data errors - a result of these features
 Report orientated access control
 List based run selection from descriptive items
 Visibility of run parameters - user choices can be shown on report
 Report writer is accountable for entire process
 User identification (name on report)

   See these topics for other aspects

Management Viewpoint

Report Writer Viewpoint

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