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Maximize Your CR Investment
rptMart Delivers Security, Accuracy, Productivity

   Full Control - you're at the wheel
  "I only want Management running that report" - Ok!
In rptMart every user belongs to a user group. Reports are also grouped and can only be run when the user's group has the correct permissions.
  "Management and Sales can run this, just don't let Sales see the graph" - Sure, the one report will do it!
The one CR report can be made available in many different configurations within rptMart. Here Management and Sales run the same CR report (but one is configured with the graph hidden).
  "This daily report should help Purchasing but don't let it out the door" - Yes, let's make it 'View Only'!
It's easy because you have full control over all aspects of report production.
   No Surprises - your sheet of paper is THE report
  "Wish I knew who printed this rubbish" - Pity we didn't get rptMart earlier!
Yes, you can print out who ran the report.
  "What dates is this report for?" - Let's check the heading!
The dates that the user chooses (and over 30 other factors) can be printed out.
  "What record selection is this sheet for?" - Maybe we should print it on each page.
That's right, you can be sure that you have the right output.
   Increased Productivity
  "Simpson is certainly developing reports much quicker now" - Hardly surprising! Used to spend 90% of his time dealing with 'how-to' and 'what-went-wrong' questions.
Even novices can safely run reports: changing dates, groupings, record selections etc. The complete report production process can be controlled so that virtually anyone can do it.
  "Staff report training is slashed" - Yes, even Homer in Accounts seems to have a grip on it!
Good news! Complex tasks like setting group/record selection formulas are reduced to simple list selection.
   Cost Effective
  "For $2800, 50% of our 400 staff can simultaneously use rptMart" - Great, but at under $11/seat why hinder productivity with this sort of thinking?
It costs very little to make all staff productive.

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